Price list for service - PEP Check Service

How much does access to the PEP List / database cost?

We value simple and transparent rules. This is why commercial access to the PEP List service is offered in the Software as Service model. After using the DEMO package, you can buy one or more packages allowing you to query our database both via WWW and send API Requests.

Furthermore, you do not have any additional fees for access to the PEP List service or to maintain an account account on the Hyperflow platform. The service is prepaid, so you have full control over the costs incurred.

Here is the pricing table (VAT included)

Package namePrice
Package of 10 queries to PEP Database4 GBP
Package of 100 queries to PEP Database29 GBP
Package of 500 queries to PEP Database79 GBP
Package of 1000 queries PEP Database99 GBP
Package of 5000 queries to PEP Database299 GBP
Unlimited access to PEP Database for 1 month399 GBP

You can try out our service without obligation:

PEP Check - unlimited plan

After free pep check trail you can order one of our pre-paid or unlimited packages:

PEP Check - unlimited plan